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PULSE SCOOTERS : Check out Slither, the all-new drift scooter!

In Archive 2010 on December 8, 2009 at 7:39 pm

What is the Slither, and what makes it so much fun?

The Slither drift scooter is the latest invention from Pulse, the leaders in outdoor rolling fun. This one-of-a-kind, three-wheeled scooter features two large front wheels offset with a single rear wheel housed in a pivot-mounted swivel truck. This rudder-like rear wheel gives you the freedom to drift in and out of turns, zip around corners, execute lightning-quick 180º turns, and pull off other tricks and maneuvers that are simply not possible on any other scooter or wheeled good. Adjust the tension to the rear wheel to meet any skill level.

You can also ride the Slither facing forward or standing to one side, opening up even more trick possibilities and making it that much harder to put away. The Slither is emblazoned with vibrant new graphics in two dynamic colorways: Electric Blue “Skullwing” and Toxic Green “Von Scroll.”

Slither Features
• REAR SWIVEL TRUCK – Adjust the tension to customize your ride
• OVERSIZED FRONT WHEELS – Big wheels up front maintain balance
• ANTI-SLIP DECK – Molded deck traction keeps your feet in place
• HIGH PERFORMANCE GRIPS – Knobbed hand grips enhance your control
• QUICK RELEASE NECK – Integrated folding mechanism
• HIGH QUALITY PARTS – High-tensile steel parts and components

PULSE SCOOTERS :: Check out Slither, the all-new drift scooter from Pulse Scooters!.


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