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GoNails Nail Growth Treatment!

In Must-Haves! on April 5, 2010 at 3:29 pm

M-Teen Prom Fave!

So, we have been using GoNails every night for the last 14 days and can already see a difference! It pumps out the perfect amount of creamy product which glides over all of your nails and sinks into cuticles.

Start using it now so your nails will be Prom Perfect!


GoNails Nail Growth Treatment is a soft dense cream formulated to correct damaged nails and strengthen all nail types. Additionally, GoNails cream hardens the nail exterior, and promotes healthy cuticles to better protect your nails. The key to our success is the combination of two new efficacious ingredients- Lipoplastadine and Thymulen 4. Both of these proven components work in concert with a blend of other proven nail strengthening ingredients.


Lipoplastadine – Strengthening, improves thickness, nourishing and resilient, healing effects
Thymulen 4 – Stimulates the synthesis of keratins to improve skin barrier function
Biotin – Data proves that it thickens, strengthens and hardens nails
Keratin – Strengthening and conditioning proteins
Arginine Aminobenzoate – Patented DNA Stimulator, promotes damage repair

GoNails Nail Growth Treatment Price

myGoBeauty | GoNails Nail Growth Treatment | Longer Stronger Nails | Healthy Cuticles | GoBeauty.


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