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Goody “Stay Put” Hair Collection

In Must-Haves! on April 28, 2010 at 5:53 pm

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Get Prom Styles that Stay Put!

Prom is all about friends, limousines, dressing up and  DANCING until the break of dawn. However, all of this movement can take a serious toll on your hairstyle. By the end of the night, that beautiful hairdo that took hours to create could end up slipping out of place.

Luckily, the Goody® StayPut™ collection lets you create beautiful styles without the worry that hair will come undone. This chic line of accessories features Slide-Proof Hold™ technology which will ensure that your  hair accessories will not roll, slide or fall out of your hair. Style hair with barrettes, ponytail holders and claw clips to achieve any desired prom look!

StayPut   Slide-Proof HoldSmall  Barrettes ($4.99)

StayPut  Slide-Proof Hold Ponytail  Holders ($3.99)

StayPut   Slide-Proof Hold Medium Claw Clip ($4.99)

The  Goody® StayPut™  collection is available at

Target and Walmart stores nationwide.


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