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Kymaro Glamour Eyelash Extension Kit – Wow!

In Must-Haves! on May 12, 2010 at 5:56 pm

M-Teen fabulous Fave!

Longer, thicker lashes are really possible with these oh-so-easy-to-apply eyelash extensions.

We tried the salon version first….then,

compared the results.

Kymaro Glamour Eyes gave us the same dramatic look without the dramatic price!

Customize by choosing  short, medium or long length options–and then apply– just a few,

or pile on the drama for sexy come-hither eyes!


Kymaro Glamour Eyes Eyelash Extension Kit

Getting eyelash extensions applied at a salon can cost you over $500 and the whole process can take up to 2 hours – but thanks to Kymaro’s Glamour Eyes you can now get eyelash extensions in three different lengths: short, medium, long in less than 10 minutes! With two specially formulated adhesives to bond each extension to your natural lash, one in black and one in white you can create a beautiful and glamour look!



KYMARO GLAMOUR EYES Kymaro Eyelash Extension Kit – $39.95 : UbuyEZ, The Easy Place To Shop.


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