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Earth Therapeutics-Holistic Stress Management Kit

In Fave Beauty Products on November 29, 2010 at 3:42 pm


M-Teen staffer’s are always busy testing tons of the latest beauty products….we love to share our faves!



M-Teen Ultimate Fave:
The holiday season is here and the frenzy of activities is on!  Keep your stress under control with this fabulous kit from Earth Therapeutics.
We love how the aromatic scent  instantly transformed our bath into a soothing spa experience…buh-bye stress




First, a nice warm bath or shower with the Anti-Stress Massage Soap is a great way to begin to unwind. The essential aromatic blend soothes the mind just as the special elevated massage nodes of the soap bar soothe the body.

After drying off and settling down, just lie back, breathe deeply and place the Anti-Stress Silk Eye Pillow over the eyes. Enjoy the cool sensation of 100% pure silk caressing the skin, as the pillow “flows” naturally over the contours of the eyes and face. The subtle aromatherapeutic infusion will melt away tension, relaxing you for meditation or massage…

For total sensory relaxation, indulge yourself with the Anti-Stress Massage Lotion. A soothing, mind-calming blend of aroma-therapeutic Chamomile and Lavender is mingled into a natural greaseless base that allows the hands to glide easily over the body.

Finish off by slipping on the Soothing Eyelid Compress. This gel compress offers soothing relief to tired eyes and frazzled nerves. Enjoy the rest of the day in your stress-free state of mind.
For cooling tension relief, chill in the refrigerator for an hour or put in the freezer for 5 to 10 minutes to desired temperature. Take out and gently place over tired, strained eyes to relieve puffiness and swelling. [DO NOT USE A HEATED COMPRESS OVER THE EYES. DO NOT MICROWAVE. REFRIGERATE ONLY.]

~ Anti-Stress Massage Soap
~ Anti-Stress Silk Eye Pillow
~ Anti-Stress Massage Lotion, 5 fl.oz.
~ Soothing Eyelid Compress

Packaged in an earth-friendly, reusable zippered bag.



Health and Beauty Accessories – Natural Products – Retail – Earth Therapeutics-Holistic Stress Management Kit.


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