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Enessa – Rescue – Aromatherapy

In Uncategorized on March 1, 2010 at 6:59 pm

This “spring break essential” works on blemishes AND insect bites…two products in one for lighter luggage!

About Rescue:
This potent blend of anti-bacterial oils combined with Organic Golden Jojoba and Neem Oil was specially formulated to control blemishes and help clear up your skin. While Clove Oil was designed for cystic acne, this Rescue blend was designed for acne which is above the surface of the skin and is more geared to teen’s acne. It is stronger and more drying than the Clove Oil due to the Tea Tree and Manuka anti-bacterial essential oils. It is an excellent first aid to have at home and to take on vacation, since it can be used on insect bites, skin warts and skin tags.

Rescue – Blemish Control
Skin Type: Blemished Skin/Acne
Ingredients: Certified Golden Jojoba, Neem Oil, Essential oils of Tee Tree,
Manuka, Cajeput, Organic Lavender, Juniper, Organic Eucalyptus, Cypress, and others.
1/2 fl oz. $37.95

To order by phone, call us directly:
1-(888)-4-ENESSA (888-436-3772)
FREE SHIPPING on orders over $75!

Enessa Aromatherapy.